• Disclosures
    This document contains the required disclosures for your email, fax coversheet, and stationary.  It also contains the verbiage required for your voicemail message.

REQUIRED FILES: Trustmont requires the following files to be maintained and accessible in your office, either hard copy or electronic.

  • Customer Complaint Log 
    (Hopefully this is always empty, but you need a specific file for complaints) Please remember you must notify Trustmont immediately upon recieving any customer complaints. Do NOT attempt to resolve the issue on your own.

  • CRS File
    Please keep a copy of Advisory/Brokerage Coverpages for prospects and recommendations not taken, to be submitted upon request of the compliance department

  • Public Communications Log (this includes Advertising, Sales, Literature, & Seminars)
    You will need to download the public communication log from our website to your computer. This is an excel spreadsheet that should be saved in an easily accessible location on your computer.  This spreadsheet provides the "piece number" you will need to submit a "Request for Approval of Public Communications" using the Trustmont website. (It is located under the Compliance Requirements tab) This log should match up with each "Request for Approval of Public Communications" you submit. This log will help keep track of your submissions in process and should be updated once approval is received.

  • Correspondence File
    Incoming & Outgoing, you need to keep a copy of all correspondence either in the client files or in a dedicated correspondence file for a minimum of 3 years. Trustmont needs a copy of all correspondence as well.

  • Check Blotter File
    Please keep a copy of all checks with the “submission receipt” in either the client files or in a dedicated check blotter file. Trustmont needs a copy of all checks. If the check is an additional contribution to an already existing account, please submit a copy of the check with the “Check Receipt Form”. Note: Any additional contribution over 25% of the current account value or check amount over $50,000, whichever is less, must be sent to Trustmont for pre-approval. In the case of variable annuities, an updated Morningstar report will also be required.

  • Gift & Gratuities
    Keep a recording of any gift you receive or give, cannot be in excess of $100 per individual per calendar year. 

  • Outside Business Activity Approvals
    Trustmont requires that you submit an individual request for approval of each outside business activity (form located in the Compliance Requirements tab under "potentially required forms") you are involved in when you join Trustmont or want to be involved in after being registered with us. Once you receive approval, keep a copy of the signed form in this file. All additional new outside business activities MUST be approved prior to engaging in said activity. Remember you are responsible for keeping us informed of any changes that need made to your U4. 

  • Money Manager & Investment Due Diligence
    Anything that is relevant to due diligence you do on products or due diligence you do on any money managers you may be using should be kept here.

  • Do Not Call List
    Trustmont doesn’t permit cold calling so we are not required to subscribe to the National Do Not Call List, this is important if you are given a referral from one of your customers, but that referral tells you they do not want called ever again, you would need to keep the name & phone number in this file as well as provide it to Trustmont.     

  • Annual Mailing File
    We are required yearly to provide your clients with a disclosure reminding them where they can access Trustmont’s Privacy Policy, Customer Identification Program, SIPC Notice, Business Continuity Plan, & Ethics Policy. Trustmont will accomplish this for you for a small fee around October/November each year, if you wish to handle this mailing on your own, we must receive notification in writing prior to October 1st. We suggest notating in this file the date in which the mailings were sent each year and by whom. You will also be required to notify Compliance of the date your mailing was sent along with copy of what was sent in your monthly correspondence log.